The Area
site: Andrew Trewern


Q What is there to do?

A There’s a few guidebooks in the flat already, but it’s also worth checking the local listings. is very good, & there’s always as well as about a zillion others.

Q Does the flat have internet?

A Sometimes. It’s a bit temperamental but you have a Blackberry anyhow, right? Laptop users can usually find wi-fi if you dangle far enough out of the window. Otherwise there’s a café with free wi-fi on practically every corner – Alsur, opposite the Palau de la Musica is pretty good for this.

Q Where do I put the rubbish?

A BCNeta’s rubbish ninjas are amazing and do a pick up and street clean every night at about 11pm. You can leave rubbish outside the building on the street from 8pm. Don’t try and do it earlier or the lady in the grocers will come and wag her finger at you and the rubbish ninjas will give you a rubbish-parking ticket.

Q Is there a telly?

A No

Q Is there a stereo?

A Yes

Q Is there a washing machine?

A Absolutely.

Q Does the flat have an iron?

A Yes

Q Does the flat have air conditioning?

A No, but it stays pretty cool and there’s a big fan if needed.

Q Do I need to take sheets / bathtowels?

A No – it’s all there.

Q There’s a bottle of cava in the fridge – can I drink it?

A Yes but please replace it when you go for the next person.